About us


We want to revolutionize the dusty & old-fashioned recruiting processes of the past decades and make top talents & employers come together in a modern & inspiring setup!

Employers shall be chosen based on personal, innovative & positive interactions that focus on the people & opportunities behind every company rather than on its standardized job ads & bureaucratic processes.

We want to turn employers into great & tangible opportunities!


We want to see our customers grow!

We want to improve our customers' image as attractive employers and significantly increase the number of qualified & successful hirings.
We want to digitalize recruiting to enable personal interactions.
We want to modernize applicant sourcing to enhance our customers' pool of talent.

We want to win the “war for talent” for our customers at the fronts that matter!


We strongly focus on new technologies, the extensive usage of modern tools of communication and the impact of atmospheric locations & innovative event programs.

CompanyXperience creates a tailor-made concept for each & every Xperience event. We market every event in our extensive talent network as well as via automated digital campaigns. We carefully screen & pre-select qualified applicants for our customers.
All to create a unique event that focuses on personal interactions, insightful impressions & memorable experiences.

A detailed performance analysis as well as a close & collaborative relation with our customers is a matter of course for us!


We don't pretend to be something we cannot be. We are no job magicians. Hence, it would be utopian to promise that we have the perfect candidate for every position.

However, what we can & promise to do is to make efficient use of modern technology & talent sourcing methodologies to create an outstanding pool of talent for each & every of our customers to significantly increase chances of finding the perfect match, to improve the overall employer branding, to create a modern company image and to lastly bring companies closer to the labor market again.

We promise to make recruiting worthwhile & fun again!